We offer additional revenue streams!


A healthcare-focused Merchant Service Provider. We focus on providing healthcare organizations nationwide the lowest overall cost of processing credit cards from their patients while providing the highest level of customer support.

Why Choose us?

We can help you explore various options for your business, such as…

How you’re accepting payments

Will your business accept payments solely online, or will you be taking in-person payments too?

Type of payments you’re accepting

Are you going to be taking credit cards, debit cards, and contactless payments?

Type of hardware or software you need

Do you need a terminal to swipe credit cards at the front desk or will you enter the information into your EMR system?

Virtual point of sale solutions

Does your practice currently allow patients to make payments online through your website or otherwise? If not, would you like to offer this feature to your patients?

Pricing structure

All of our clients receive the best possible rates in the market today. Volume discounts and bundles can be applied depending on the needs of your unique practice.