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What Are We Offering?

We provide discounts and reseller rights for the below services which are then white-labeled to ensure the privacy of your clients. By offering these ancillary services, you can leverage your existing relationships and customers to generate more revenue for your business while helping medical practices reduce back-office and administrative tasks that limit time spent with patients.


A healthcare-focused collection agency used by medical facilities to recover outstanding balances while maintaining the highest level of integrity.


Get your practice HIPAA Compliant via an intuitive solution plus unparalleled customer service guiding you every step of the way.


Handle complex tasks in provider enrollment and credentialing so you can focus on what’s most important—your patients and practice.


We've created our system to maximize usability and mobility so you can order our software to meet your unique needs.


Empowering practices with remote patient monitoring devices at little to no cost, managing chronic patients and earning additional revenue.


Practices streamline workflows, enhance patient time, and boost earnings by eliminating in-room EMR documentation and other office tasks.

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Why partner with us?

In addition to generating more revenue for your business, adding these tools to your belt will make you an expert craftsman when calling on medical practices and speaking with healthcare providers.

Our one-stop-shop for ancillary services provides all the best solutions for reducing administrative and back-office tasks so that practitioners can focus more time on caring for patients and growing their business.

Healthcare Business Coach

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Get a backstage pass behind the scenes of my multimillion dollar medical billing company and learn why this business might be right for you.

Maximize Your Practices Financial And Operational Potential

With our experts from multiple verticals and specialties, we can provide an extended range of administrative and management services to providers that can standardize services across organizations.

Utilize Our Massive Network To Maximize Your Savings

Having access to a massive network of providers will help you gain the best pricing on supplies and services for your business which ultimately reduces your overhead cost and helps you generate more revenue.

We Have Experts In Multiple Verticals And Specialties

Strategically delegating non-clinical responsibilities is beneficial not only to gain a competitive edge in the market but also to grow business faster, more efficiently, and with sustained success.

Allocate More Time for Superior Patient Or Customer Care

The number of patients to whom a doctor can provide high-quality care is affected by many factors, but strategically delegating tasks is a significant one - we can help with that.

Future-Proof Careers

Why Healthcare is the Industry For You?

There are many compelling reasons to get into the healthcare industry, from earning potential to fulfilling work. It is one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors of the economy. By 2024, it is estimated there will be 2.3 million new jobs available in the field. The influx in opportunity is vastly attributed to its recession-proof appeal as there will always be patients who need to see providers.


American Academy of Revenue Cycle Consultants

The revenue cycle management process comprises the most important parts of the healthcare industry. Revenue collection is one of the most stressful parts of a practice for providers, so it is essential to have a qualified individual that can be trusted to handle these tasks. Become a respected contributor to revenue cycle performance as a certified consultant. AARCC (American Academy of Revenue Cycle Consultants) is our certification process that establishes you as a credible professional in the industry.

Nationwide Healthcare Excellence

Serving Clients In Over 40 States

Smoothly operating in 40+ states across the USA, we’re all about delivering top-notch healthcare services nationwide. Join us on an adventure of endless possibilities as we adapt to the changing healthcare scene, ensuring your career thrives in this ever-expanding industry.

Unlock growth and efficiency with our ancillary services, designed to boost revenue and streamline healthcare practices. Elevate patient care and business success with our one-stop solutions.

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